Gli amici Max ON4GXY (aka IW0GXY) e Basilio ON8CB (aka IW7CDL aka IZ7ZAK) ci spiegano come collegare un HRI-200 ad un ripetitore DR-1X in attesa del rilascio ufficiale, da parte della Yaesu, del Firmware che permetterà l'effettiva interconnessione al mondo WIRES-X: ON8CB Web Site

Here are some screenshots of our configuration, some small changes happened in the meantime such as Voice Beacon instead of CW for the digital part, in fact the repeater is broadcasting its own  beacon in CW so, to do not confuse the two beacons and (remotely) be ensured that both parts, repeater and Wires-X, are working, we decided to distinguish the repeater beacon from the Wires-X beacon by switching to the embedded voice. Another small change is the removal of the tag on the feature that re-joins automatically the repeater to the own room after an amount of time; for this feature we noticed that the repeater is acting “weird” some times when re-joins the rooms by cutting the transmission in progress. Users are still able to join any room using the DTMF feature.

Please note that all the features which are available exclusively via digital connection are NOT supported by this configuration. 

DR-1x configuration is:RX AUTO/TX FIX FM

NOTA: E' possibile utilizzare l'HRI-200 collegato al ripetitore anche impostando quest'ultimo in modalità FIX-FIX su Digital - Normal. In questo modo si potrà accedere solo in digitale. Ovviamente non sarà ancora possibile utilizzare le funzioni del WIRES-X digitale.

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