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Blocco del RTX collegato all'HRI-200 utilizzato per Nodo WIRES-X

Talvolta accade che l'RTX utilizzato da nodo WIRES-X, vada in blocco in trasmissione.

Non è certo se sia il software o il firmware della radio e/o dell'HRI-200 a provocare questa anomalia.

Prima degli aggiornamenti dei Firmware non è mai accaduto nulla. Per un periodo ho avuto il software WIRES-X aggiornato ma non ho aggiornato le radio e nemmeno l'HRI-200 e non si è MAI bloccato.



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Domenica, 17 Gennaio 2016
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WIRES-X - nodo
WIRES-X - nodo

WIRES-X - nodo

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Nominativo nodo
Versione Software WIRES-X
(Ver.1.100) 1/5/16
Versione Sistema Operativo
Windows XP Professional 2002 SP3
Apparato collegato all'HRI-200
Firmware della radio connessa all'HRI-200
Main Ver. 2.10 e DSP Ver. 4.10 (01/07/16)
Firmware dell'HRI-200
Firmware (Ver.1.01) 1/4/16
Il sistema invia lo stream anche ad un DR-1X ?
Specifiche del PC
Intel Atom CPU D425 1.8 GHz 1GB RAM
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Ora ho provato disabilitare tutti i servizi non necessari in Windows, a rimettere il QoS sulla scheda di rete e a continuare a tenere disabilitato l'IPv6.

Ovviamente il firewall è disabilitato.


2016-01-17 20:45:42 Administrator

Inviata comunicazione anche sul forum Yahoo Fusion:

Questa la comunicazione di KA9Q Chris ( Yaesu USA ):

The original versions of firmware that ship with the radio are never published - they don't need to be. The only prior update to the FTM-100 was the panel, which has nothing to do with the problem. Reverting to the previous panel may cause inconsistencies.

I'd like to get more detail with the lock-ups. The fact that it locked up is not sufficient to troubleshoot the problem. It is helpful to know how the node was set up (repeater, simplex, etc.). What did the screen on the radio show after lock-up? What was on the screen of the PC? What was in the logs? (You do have logging turned on, right?) How long was it locked up? Power setting of Tx?
What did you do to recover? For this you want to start with the least invasive correction. For example, I experienced a node lock-up. The FTM-100 displayed the message CS-ER. The node was disconnected from the Room. It is set to automatically reconnect, but it wasn't trying. (I've noticed this behavior when it looses communications with the radio.) The software indicated TX-ON.
I went to Settings->Transceiver. When the window opened, I clicked "OK". The transceiver rebooted and the node automatically connected to the room.
So you want to try things like that before restarting the WiRES-X software or rebooting the computer, or killing power to the radio.
BTW, the lock-up occurred while a person in the room was experimenting with a DV4mini. This is entirely guesswork on my part, but I think the software or firmware does not adequately check for invalid data. Reception of malformed data then has some probability of causing the communication error with the radio.
I'll be filing a bug report with Yaesu. My work-around to them is that when they detect loss of communications (we know they can do this because the software exists the room when this happens), wait for a TBD period of time, then reset the transceiver. That will at least make sure the transceiver is no longer transmitting.
Any other reports/experiments like the above? Please pass them along. I'll make sure they get to Yaesu's engineers.
Chris, K9EQ
2016-01-19 06:57:10 Administrator

Ok Chris,

I try to give you some more details.
We are doing a bug tracking in Italy
We talk about lockup on WIRES-X nodes (not DR-1X).
Hardware and firmware conditions:
- No matter on what OS is running the software (XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10). Are all affected to the bug
- Software WIRES-X 1.10, old firmware on the radio: NO bug
- Software WIRES-X 1.06, old firmware on the radio: NO bug
- HRI-200 update, old firmware on the radio: NO bug
What happens:
There is not a particular occurrence to have the bug, neither dv4mini access, nor not good reception. It can happen also with a good reception.
When someone is talking from the net, usually at the end of the passage, when the PTT is released, the radio begins to transmit continuously. If you receive on the frequency of the node locked up, you can see the callsign of the user that was talking before the hang and you can hear something but not precise words.
It can happen on more nodes connected to the same room.
How to unlockup:
Just reset the radio with a new setting coming from the WIRES-X software.
It means that the serial connection is still OK and only the radio is locked.
What is already done:
Ferrites on all cables
Changed the USB cable
Assured that the HRI-200 is the only audio system on the PC
Radio in low power
Tried to disconnect the HRI-200 when the radio is locked but nothing happens
Tried to disable the HRI-200 on the PC but nothing happens
Let me know if you need some more.
73 de Raffaello IZ0QWM
WIRES-X Italia
2016-01-19 11:17:41 Administrator

I forgot to give to you some more details on the software:

The software thinks that the PTT has been released, in fact it continues to work correctly. It changes the call signs on the Connect ID window when someone new is talking.
When the radio is locked, if you don't disconnect the room before changing something on the Transceiver settings, the software will send all the past QSO on air when the radio is unlocked. Just like if it has a buffer.
I don't know what kind of data are exchanged between HRI-200 and software but I think that a work around to similar problems could be to permit to use the TOT on the radio also in WIRES-X mode and set it on 3 mins just like the software does.
2016-01-19 11:18:10 Administrator

In data 12/02/16 è stato rilasciato il seguente firmware:

FTM-400 DR/DE: FTM-400DR/DE Firmware Main Ver. 220 and DSP Ver. 0410 (02/12/16)

FTM-400XDE/XDR: FTM-400XDR/XDE Firmware Main Ver. 220 (02/12/16)

FTM-100: FTM-100DR/DE Firmware Main Ver. 1.20, Panel Ver. 1.30 and DSP Ver. 0410 (02/12/16)

Che si prefigge di risolvere il problema ma ad oggi 13/03/16, alcune installazioni non sono andate a buon fine.

Si consiglia di attendere qualche giorno.


2016-02-13 17:55:22 Administrator

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Martedì, 16 Febbraio 2016
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E' stato risolto con le seguenti configurazioni:


WIRES-X Software 1.110 + FTM-100 Firmware Main Ver. 1.20, Panel Ver. 1.30 and DSP Ver. 0410 (02/12/16)

WIRES-X Software 1.110 + FTM-400DR/DE Firmware Main Ver. 220 and DSP Ver. 0410 (02/12/16)
HRI-200 firmware Ver 1.01